Etiler Optik was founded in 2007 in Etiler, Istanbul by the famous optician Arif Demir with his 35 years of experience.

Etiler Optik has adopted the slogan of above-standard boutique service and took its place among the best quality optical centers in Istanbul in a short time.

Etiler Optik, which serves its customers with a wide range of products with more than 100 brands and more than 3000 models, offers the latest eyewear trends to its customers in the fastest way by following the world eyewear fashion on-site and closely.

Etiler Optik, whose handmade and special designs that are not produced by itself, attracted great attention, has adopted the principle of carrying the difference that it creates by its customers by offering the limited production glasses of the world’s leading boutique brands for sale in its store.

All glasses, glass and contact lenses sold in Etiler Optik are world famous brands; It is sold at the same time with the whole world.